Being a female comes with a lot of demands, you've got to watch how you dress, how you talk and what you do in society. This reason is why we came up with top quality sport-wears that can help the female gender feel totally free, protected and comfortable during exercise and work-out sessions. What to wear should not be the reason why you're not practicing daily fitness and routine exercise. Staying in shape not only helps improve your physical appearance, but it also has a great effect positively on the general body's well-being.

FEMATHLETICA is an e-commerce business that deals in the sales and supply of high quality and affordable female active-wears and workout clothes (sport-wears). We pride ourselves on providing the best of qualities for customers and ensure that every female access to affordable and quality wears.

The 'FEM' in our name FEMATHLETICA is coined from 'Feminine' which means having qualities and appearance that's traditionally associated with the female gender, especially their fragility and cuteness. The brand is inspired by the community of women who are so much passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. They take keeping fit and health-improving activities as important.

With proper research, studies and analysis, we were able to derive the factors that determine women's choice of workout clothes or sport-wears. Below is the result we came up with:

QUALITY – This is one of the major factors that affect customers' choice of product, as such we make certain that our products of high quality and it meets the high standards of our customers. We did our in-depth analysis, research and employed the use of the right technology to create top-notch wears. We employ the use of the best materials in the creation of our wears to give our customers the luxury feeling when wearing our workout wears to perform our daily routine. At FEMATHLETICA, the best quality is what we offer and this makes our brand unique and edges others out in this stringent competitive market. 

DESIGNS – As a female, what is as important as the quality of the cloth is the design. We understand the need of our customers for a uniquely designed product, which is why we make certain that our wears are perfectly streamlined to fit any body size or shape. We come up with different kinds of designs for each product and only go with the best. We take into account the comfort of our customers when designing our products to ensure that our customers are provided with optimum comfort and no form of uneasiness from using our wears to perform your routine activities. FEMATHLETICA products have got their unique design and you can't find our design on other brands except its plagiarized. We pride ourselves on the provision of unique products for our customers.

AFFORDABILITY – Our aims and objective are to provide quality sport-wears for females in respective of your social class. This reason is why we also take the affordability factor into consideration, to ensure our product's prices are rationalized enough to be affordable for everyone. At FEMATHELETICA, we make certain that you're getting the right value for any money spent on our products. O

COLORS – Another factor that affects the female choice of wears is the color, most females prefer their sport-wears to be in their favorite shades of color. We put into consideration the diversity in people's choice of favorite color and ensure we create a different range of colors for our products. Our products cover all ranges of color that have been associated with the female gender from pink, yellow, orange, grey, etc.

AGE – We are charged with delivering the best of services to our customers as such we put age into consideration when it comes to the production of our wears. We ensure that or products cover all age limits, ranging from teenagers to adults, mum, and even people advanced in age. We've got products that got everyone covered. 

We have different ranges of products that are available for purchase for the female gender only. As mentioned above, we consider different factors in the production of our wears; as such our potential customers should be assured of getting the best quality. From gym wears to active wears and other sport-wears, FEMATHLETICA has got you covered. Our products include leggings, crop tops, tracksuits, tanks and every other wear you employ in carrying out your daily routine activities.

At FEMATHLETICA, we make certain that our customers look hot even in their sweaty pants, by offering unique, well-designed and attractive wears with great quality. Every female is identified as our potential customer irrespective of the age, color preference, body size or social status. These factors set us far apart from our counterparts in this niche. We stay true to our promise of giving you the value of every dollar spent on our products.