Tracking Response

  1. 17Track.net, the blue Airplane Icon is their “Shipping” icon across the entire website. This does not mean your products are sent via airplane, any orders paid for after April 9th are being shipped via cargo boat.
  1. This type of tracking update means that the tracking number has been “picked up” by the shipping company of the destination country (is likely to be your local post office, etc). This does not mean the package is in this physical location, it means the shipping company has prompted that the order is now en route.
  1. Temporarily during COVID-19 shipping conditions, this will be the only update you receive until it lands in the destination country. Your 17Track.net link may have different layouts depending on where it is shipped from, and where to.
  1. Any orders that were placed before April 9th were sent to be shipped via commercial airline. These airlines are experiencing massive delays, which is why we switched to the newer cargo boat method. 

When you see that there is no movement on your package, it simply means that your order is being shipped and is on it's way to the destination country. But since it is being shipped via cargo boat, there are no additional opportunities for updates throughout the order's journey. The tracking information will update again once the package lands at a port in the country it is being shipped to.